Cross Browser Testing

Test Your Website On Different Platforms And Browsers
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Advice On Cross Browser Testing

Today we are going to talk about testing websites on different browsers and platforms.
I am going to start by apologizing if this article doesnt sound professional but I am going to speak in a language that everyone will understand. I usually use bootstrap, skeleton and foundation for my websites so I dont have to worry to much about cross browser testing as those frameworks come with preset settings. I do however work on chrome most of the time is my favorite browser but I do test them on safari, mozilla firefox and internet explorer (I know it is a bad browser but many people still use it.) As for the responsive version I do test them on Android and Iphone. Iphone has a weird way of showing web pages so no matter how much you try and simulate the Iphone on different webpages you will still need a physical one to actual do a proper test. As for the Android phones if you do your media queries right you will get a nice view and feel of the website.